Free Bird

from Old Black by NEGATOR



Standing at the cemetery gates
In longing for the other side
My life is boundless hate
Yet I have to free my mind

Destiny – My misery
Bitter is the free birds and forlorn
Disillusioned by own demise

Now I’m free but also a prisoner
With a lightened view but also cold
It’s hard to bear it, what I’ve seen
Yet I have to free my soul

I Spread my wings
And hail to thee

Father – I’m coming home
Withered and frozen – embrace my soul

Bitter are the free birds and forlorn
Free our minds and free our souls

I have reached the total wisdom
(wo Angst ist, ist auch Hoffnung)
Except the question what life is for
(wo Angst ist, ist auch Hoffnung)
There’s no reason to life
(ich habe keine Angst)

So free your mind and free your soul


from Old Black, released April 19, 2004


all rights reserved




Ascended from the ashes of Babylon,
silent watchers of æons to come.
The serpent’s tongve, the lion’s claw,
we are the prophets of fire!


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