Gates To The Pantheon


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Epiclesis 04:45
Harken me! Oh slaves of god! Your time has come! I’m your downfall! Serpents are my crown I’m the flames of the sun Fire and air Shall sweeten my path I am the flame, which burns in every heart of man Which burns in every core of the stars I am the life and the disposer of Life Therefore the knowledge about me Is the knowledge of death I call upon The ancient names Of the elders Darkness shall rise! Rise! Azrael! Angel of death – preserver of names Rise! Samael! Twelve-winged ruler of the serpent Rise! Uriel! Father of false worship – companion of Sabaoth Rise! Leviathan! Serpent of the seas – Bring forth damnation, herald the fall of mankind I am the flame, which burns in every heart of man Which burns in every core of the stars The earth will tremble, below my feet No one shall live without my name Engraved in skin
When on high no name was given to heaven Nor below was the netherworld called by name Apsu was their progenitor And Tiamat was she who bore them all GIGIM XUL! UGGAE! Evil spirit! God of death! They were mingling their waters together No cane brake was intertwined Nor thicket matted close When no gods at all had been brought forth None called by names, no destinies ordained Then were the gods formed within these two In the cella of destinies The abode of designs The most capable, the sage of the gods The Lord was begotten The mighty firstborn Champion of his father Hastener to battle The warrior – Marduk! In the midst of Apsu Marduk was formed In the midst of holy Apsu Was Marduk formed! GIGIM XUL! UGGAE! Evil spirit! God of death!
I’ve travelled the realms beyond heaven and hell Reaper of souls - ender of worlds Feared slayer of kings – guardian of the path I’ve shaped all your deepest beliefs I was there from the beginning I will exist at the end of all things I‘ve stood witness to every feeble passing I’ve stood witness to every great atrocity In every strife In every war In every revolution I have left my mark Executioner at the gallows A lone hunter Soldier on the battlefield Criminal in the shadows All who live, know my name All who oppose me, shall know In every strife In every war In every revolution I have left my mark At the end, mine will be the last face that you see
Through me the way to the suffering city through me the everlasting pain through me the way that runs among the Lost Abandon all hope - You Who Enter Here By passing the gates I enter the realm where Lord Minos holds court snake-tailed judge of those condemned sniffing the blood of the wretched to expose their sins On the edge of this world, I’m longing for Charon to ferry me into the fire the cold, the everlasting darkness A region where there is nothing that can give light profound darkness As I descend deeper accompanied by virtuous pagans I pass the hordes of Lucifer hell beasts and fire-demons weird worms, vile torturers Sentenced to death – I have passed the gates bereaved of existence - the path to hell awaits cast out from heaven – my divinity has died embraced by darkness – I decline the holy light
God of Darkness, lord of war Grand dragon - covered in entrails Fill the channels with blood Feast on the lifeblood of man You set your face towards Kurnugi The dark house, dwelling of Erkalla's god To the house which those who enter cannot leave Seven gates you have passed Seven rituals you have prevailed To the road where travelling has one way The house where those who entered were deprived of light Where dust was their feast and clay their bread They were clothed, like birds, with feathers They saw no light, they dwelt in darkness You tore Ereshkigal’s robe away Sodomized her womb Stole her kingdom Became her king Raise up the dead here - Consuming the Living Behold Nergal – King Of Darkness Gatekeeper, Open Your Gate for Me
These violent storms are sweeping away my bliss No hope for rest and none for lesser pain The vice of lust became so customary That license is now a burden Among these sufferers There is no hope That ever comforts them Carnal malefactors are suffering in here I witness the punishment Accompanied by fear No rest is granted in this abyss Among these convicts I face my own sins, That I’ve committed, they hunt me down Here deep in this kingdom where the craving for flesh is a fear I suffer with them in punishment Amid the gust, the whirlwind, and the flaw Of rain and hail-stones, sinners need not tell their sorrows But I have to move on, on this wretched course Darkness still calls me, that unutterable force My body falls deep into coldness Like dead bodies fall...
In the fountain of chaos, at the edge of time Where neither light nor darkness exist Where time was born to guide the foolish There I rule, there I reign I am the torch I am the vanguard I am the stanchion The zealous slaughterer I am the venom I am the wisdom I am the scepter’s bearer The urge for battle When I rise from my dwelling The equilibrium of heaven and earth will disintegrate Bright day will turn to darkness Whirlwinds will rise and the stars of heaven shall fall Ill-winds will blow And the eyesight of man will be darkened forever Demons will rise and seize the race of man The waters will rise and sweep across the lands
Through this Eucharist of living flesh We summon you, almighty one Come forth with madness Trietenicus, Liber, Bacchus, Iacchus Blessed be thou, twice-born god Offspring of the winter solstice Thracian god of ecstasy and terror Atonement, guilt and death IÔ ISCHUROS IÔ ATHANATOS IÔ ABROTOS IAÔ SABAÔ Ecstatic from the east, we await Orgiastic pleasures, bring them forth Hail to flesh, hail to lust Hail to sin, hail to glory We conjure thee by the Fire of GIRRA Rise, from the pits of ancient holocausts! Loud-roaring and reveling son of Semele Primeval, two-natured, Bacchic lord Hearken to my voice, O blessed one breathe on me in a spirit of perfect kindness. Come, bull-faced god conceived in fire Come, blessed and leaping god, and bring much joy to all Thracian god of ecstasy and terror Atonement, guilt and death KHAIRE PHALLE KHAIRE PAMPHAGE KHAIRE PANGENETÔR HAGIOS BAPHOMET
Hail! Apollyon! King of the demonic locusts Hail! God of the sun! Conqueror of Christian souls The fifth trumpet has sounded A star is falling from heaven Unholy wrath is unleashed Armageddon has come Hail! Abbadon! God of death and pestilence Hail! Falling star! Lock-keeper of the bottomless pit The seed of Adam withers The futile lives of humanity torn apart Their souls destroyed by tearing pain Air and light turn into black Scorpions and Snakes, enunciators of the end horses prepared for battle, golden-crowned, a thundering roar A spreading mass of darkness and wrath Conquest, War, Famine, Death Angel of the abyss! Ominous be thy name! From his throne of truth He commands the end!


Gates to the Pantheon was recorded during December 2012 – January 2013 in the Hammer Studios in Hamburg by Negator and Eike Freese.


released April 19, 2013

Assistant Engineer: Benjamin Lawrenz
Drums engineered & recorded by R.D.F. Nolte

All Lyrics & Music by Negator.
Musick/Verse for Necrodaemon Terrorsathan by Helmuth Lehner - BELPHEGOR.

Nachtgarm: Vocals
Finnskald: Guitars
Kliffjård: Guitars
Hjalmort: Bass
Samebrann: Drums


all rights reserved




Ascended from the ashes of Babylon,
silent watchers of æons to come.
The serpent’s tongve, the lion’s claw,
we are the prophets of fire!


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